The Curse of Strahd

Under raging storm clouds, the vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich stands silhouetted against the ancient walls of Castle Ravenloft. Rumbling thunder pounds the castle spires. The wind’s howling increases as he turns his gaze down toward the village of Barovia.

Our Adventurers

These brave adventures have come together for honour, for glory, for fabulous wealth and cases of treasure! But will they prevail?

The Story

These are the exploits of the party so far…

Session 0

In which our adventurers answered the call of the noted demonologist Anders Brightwood in his study at the City of Splendours. They were charged to head up the coast to Bauldar’s Gate and meet with a contact “L” at the tavern.

As the party left Anders had a cryptic conversation with a disembodied voice. The voice seemed to ask if these would be the ones to succeed…

Party level: 2

Session 1

The party, whilst travelling up the Sword Coast, awoke to find themselves in an unfamiliar forest. Watched by Ravens and beset by wolves, they fled to the safety of a dark road, enshrouded in fog.

Walking in one direction seemed to go on endlessly and yet nowhere…

Walking in the other led them to a huge set of gates and a dead messenger holding a letter; a plea to save Burgomeister Kolyan Indirovich’s daughter, Ireena Kolyana.

No sooner had the party decided to head off to meet Kolyan in town were they distracted by the sound of hoofbeats. Pulling up in a black coach that seemed to trail shadows behind it was Count Strahd von Zarovich, who bid them welcome and warned them to stay away from Ireena as she is his. Though Nagarakta immediately fell into a subservient bow to the Count, the others were more weary and Rath stood his ground… before being compelled to bow.

Once the count had left, the party walked on and made it to the village of Barovia. Meeting a young (and familiar) barbarian, they were informed of a monster in a local house that is terrorising the children there. So they went into the foreboding manor to investigate… finding an empty dark and silent house…

…silent, that is, until the screams of a baby rang out through its empty rooms.

Party level: 3

Session 2

Following the sounds of a baby’s wail the party headed to the third floor of the house where they encountered a suit of armour that came to life and attacked them. Rallying together they used what resources they had to dispatch the monstrosity, with Rath dealing the final blow, causing it to fall to pieces all over the floor.

Hearing the sounds of weeping from an adjacent room, Katrina leapt over to the room by swinging on the chandelier and burst into a bedroom. The weeping came from a soberly dressed woman sat at a dressing table. When she wouldn’t answer Katrina’s pleas for a response the group due suspicious, something that got worse when the woman reached out saying “so small… so small”. Fearing for their lives the party attacked, realising that the woman was a spectre as weapons and arrows flew straight through her.

It was then that Capt. Beckett called upon the spirit to depart, given that the children of the house were gone. This caused the spirit to depart, leaving behind a ring and a letter… a letter that spoke of an affair and a child born out of wedlock. Spirit exorcised, everybody heard a baby cry out and in the nursery next door Nagarakta reached into a crib to find, nothing… only an empty blanket.

Heading to the attic the party found a chest containing the body of Krell, who had died playing hide and seek with the house’s children. Children who’s skeletons were also found in a locked bedroom. The ghost of Krell then showed the party the way to the cellar, where the monster is and where the children were to be laid to rest.

The group has made it to the sprawling maze of earth passages and rooms under the house. Chanting echoing throughout and the worn floor covered in many footprints. Everybody has started to look about, finding the family crypts, some type of bedroom and a well. A well of secrets who seems to whisper to Nagarakta.

But what is in the well…

And what happened to Kasdeya?

Session 3

In which the party learned about trapdoors, battled a Grick and descended into the depths of the cellar where they fought a creature made up of cultists.

The house collapsed and on escape they were greeted by Strahd applauding sarcastically.

Party level: 3

Session 4

In which the party investigated the town, Nags befriended some Vistani, Kas made a raven friend and everybody enjoyed Beetroot surprise!

Finding themselves in a small village, the village of Barovia, the group decided their first port of call was the inn. They walked past many blank faced peasants in grey clothing and heard a mournful sobbing in the distance. making it to the Blood of the Vine inn the party met with some Vistani, who took a liking to Nags and took him upstairs, and met Ismark the burgomaster’s son.

Ismark asked for help, his sister has caught the attention of the Count and he wants to take her to saftey in the city of Villaki. The party agreed to meet Ismark the next day and following a sleep, finding Nagarakta had been robbed by the Vistani and a shopping trip (IS BEST WEAPON EVER, I PROMICE!!!) they went to the Burgomaster’s house.

The house was a wreck, having been attacked by wolves. Inside Ismark showed everyone that his father had been killed just as a scream upstairs showed a red headed young woman in pain. This woman was Ireena, Ismark’s sister, who was being courted by the count. She regaled the party with how she was terrified but the Count was saying that he was in love with her. The party then agreed to help her to Vallaki (for a modest reward) after burying her and Ismark’s father.

The funeral was a somber affair at the church… until Count Strahd and his wolves turned up.

Party level: 3

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