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  • Why I’m talking to Developers about Exploratory Testing

    Why I’m talking to Developers about Exploratory Testing

    Listening at conferences, reading through articles detailing how large companies like Facebook have no testers and seeing job specs asking for automation and coding skills only you’d almost think that manual testing is dead; but it’s definitely alive and kicking. Manual testing has shifted from confirmation of behaviour being right or wrong to the investigation…

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  • Tester Imposter Syndrome

    Tester Imposter Syndrome

    As a tester there’s a number of stresses that can come from our career that can lead to feelings of being an imposter. These can be made worse when working remotely and not being able to talk about them.

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  • Selling Testing into a Project

    Selling Testing into a Project

    Half of the battle in testing isn’t how we test, it’s selling the idea that we should test in the first place. As testers we need to be able to advocate for quality and why we need to be testing in projects.

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  • In testing context is important

    In testing context is important

    In this post I discuss how good doesn’t always mean perfect and how context should be used as a tester to determine good enough.

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